Solar Racking

What is LTR-AE-001-2012 and why is it important?

Developed for the US market in 2010, UL 2703 (MOUNTING SYSTEMS, MOUNTING DEVICES, CLAMPING-RETENTION DEVICES, AND GROUND LUGS) was designed to be a companion to UL 1703 (Standard for Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels).  This standard focuses on all the main technical aspects of a racking system, most notably electrical bonding / grounding and allowable


Kinetic Solar Racking For Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Kinetic Solar’s revolutionary racking system is an excellent option for your roof mounted solar panels.  Made of structural grade extruded aluminum, our lightweight, anodized products offer an attractive, finished look that will also withstand exposure to the elements for years.  Our designs are innovative and easy to install and come with all stainless steel hardware, including lag