Ballasted Flat Roof System South Oriented

Advantages from the beginning


> 25 years product warranty
> Wind tunnel tested
> Incl. protection pads with aluminum coating
> TUV certified, conforms to UL 2703
> Patent pending
> Without roof penetration
> Optimum module ventilation
> Complimentary ballast calculation incl. roof layout
> Made in Europe
> Minimum order only 2 KWp
> Module clamps with grounding pins
> TUV certified, conforms to IEC 61215
> Fire tested according to UL 1703
> Best price value available
> The fastest installation in the industry 1 kWp /5 min., 2 men
> Statically optimized system
> Less material = Less shipping costs
> Optimized wind suction, therefore less ballasting
> Optimized water drainage
> Suitable for roof edge zones


Technical Details


Mounting Tilt:
AEROCOMPACT S: 5°, 10°, 15°
Inter-Row Spacing:
AEROCOMPACT S 5 (30°): 7 inch (178 mm)
AEROCOMPACT S 10 (25°): 15 inch (380 mm)
AEROCOMPACT S 15 (25°): 22.5 inch(571 mm)
Min. Array Size:
AEROCOMPACT S: 2 rows with 3 modules / 3 rows with 2 modules
Roof Edge Zone:
Roof areas F and G can be used
Module Dimensions:
37.4 – 41.3 inch x 61.1 – 81.9 inch (width – length)
Max. Roof Slope:
5 Degree
Roof Height:
max. 25 m
up to 2.4 KN/m2
(Design load as a load combination of dead load and wind suction)
AEROCOMPACT Standard up to 2.4 KN/m2
AEROCOMPACT Alpin up to 4.4 KN/m2
(Design load as a load combination of dead load, wind and snow pressure)
Module approval:
Please request approved module list from the module manufacturer or Aerocompact
Supporting materials made of aluminum EN AW 6060 T64, module-clamps aluminum EN AW 6063 T66, stainless steel screws, wind-deflector galvanized steel
approx. 40 KW per pallet, 700 KW per truckload
System Requirement:
Proof of static load capacity of the roof and the insulation needs to be provided by customer. General terms / warranty conditions and usage agreement apply.


Download AEROCOMPACT product presentation