Shingled Roof

Kinetic K-Flash Shingled Roof Mounting System

Kinetic K-Flash Flashing is 100% watertight, installs quickly and is extremely durable.

K-Flash is an innovative, 100% watertight flashing system made by Kinetic Solar Racking and Mounting.  Backed by a 20-year guarantee, the K-Flash kit includes a baseplate that flush-mounts to the roof surface, a 9″ x 12″ black flashing plate that maximizes coverage of the penetration points, as well as all stainless steel hardware.  The baseplates can be secured to the roof with up to two lag bolts and have a separate blind stud on top for L-Bracket attachment,  eliminating the through-holes that may cause water leakage and lead to dry-rot.  Made from lightweight, malleable aluminum, the flashing can easily be formed around roof obstructions.   The unique raised channel provides an ideal place for sealant application on the underside while also diverting water off the top of the flashing.    The textured, powder-coated flashing blends well with all asphalt roofs and easily slides under shingles during installation.


Micro-Inverter Mount (Top)
solar mount flashing K-Flash Flashing and Mounting Kit
L-Bracket Kit

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Kinetic K-Flash