Kinetic Fall Restraint

KRST-X : X(Size of rafter (in)) : 3 (2×3) | 4 (2×4)
Fall restraint is a watertight rotating lug that allows workers to connect their body harness lanyard to the anchor. Available for 2” x 3” and 2” x 4” construction.

Kinetic Adhesive Rodent Guard Clip

KGRG-F : F(Finish) : M (Mill finish) | B (Black Anodized)
The fastest and easiest way to install squirrel guard mesh around an array.


Kinetic Ground Lug

A simple and elegant way to ground an array.  Attaches directly to the rail.


Squirrel Guard Mesh

Protect the wires in your array from damages by rodents and birds.

Rodent Guard Clamp

Rodent Clamp helps to install squirrel guard mesh around the array fast and easy.

Squirrel Guard J-Hook

Attaches squirrel guard mesh to the side of modules.

Kinetic Cable Management

KCMSXX-C : XX(Size) : 15 (1.5”) | 45 (4.5”) | 70 (7”)
Keep solar module cables tidy and protected. KINETIC Cable management lasts much longer than traditional cable ties.

Rail Locking Cable Tie

Rail locking cable ties can be used on their own or in conjunction with the aluminum conduit. By connecting to the rail instead of wrapping around it, the stress points are removed, increasing the life of the cable tie.

Micro-Inverter Side Mount

For micro-inverters designed to mount to the side of the rail.


Micro-Inverter Top Mount

For micro-inverters designed to mount to the top of the rail.